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What and Who is a Liaison?

What Is a GoMe Liaison?

This important job carries some responsibilities; an ideal liaison has good people skills, is reliable, and has a good working relationship with the Messengers and the sponsored Guild/Group. To aid in the dissemination of information, he or she should have a good knowledge of the workings of both groups, and ensure that news is brought to the attention of the correct people.

In addition to the above qualifications, a GoMe Liaison must be proactive in the community, and keep up to date with current affairs. There might even be occasions where the GoMe Liaison could be asked look out for inter-guild projects, or come up with some ideas him or herself, if both guilds/groups are in agreement about the project.

A GoMe Liaison is someone who would:

Have contact with the sponsored Guild’s own appointed Liaison(s) or contact(s), and sustain a good relationship with them. (Information need not always come from these contacts, but it is best practice to discuss news with these persons).

Post updates on the respective forums about Guild of Messengers activities, such as meetings, newsletter mailings. The types of postings may be selective for the sponsored Guild’s interests.

Keep an eye on the forums for feedback regarding the Messengers. This could include looking for postings from people who did not receive our newsletter mailings, for example. It could also include running polls about what the Messengers could do to better meet the needs of the community, and presenting the findings to our Guild.

Deliver any news or announcements from the sponsored Guild to our various messaging services.

(Most of all) just be there if or when a Messenger is needed.

Who are the Liaisons?


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Who should I contact? I want to talk about some matter.

That depends on the issue you need to discuss.

General questions or comments can be sent to our GoMe Mailbox by clicking Contact at the bottom of any page. This will bring your question directly to our Guild Council. You can also contact the GoMe Council Members by PMing or emailing them directly, you'll need to be registered on our website for that.

If you have a story to submit to the Guild of Messengers, need to have a story edited, or if you would like to request that the GoMe delay the publication of a story, please also see the FAQ entry on "How do I submit news?"

For information about publications by the GoMe or its affiliates, a simple post to the forum will likely attract the attention of someone who can answer your question. You may also direct questions to one of the project heads or affiliate contacts.

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Who Contributes To The Guild?

The best way to know who is currently contributing to the Guild of Messengers is to visit:

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The GoMe Coordinator


"The history of people is valuable to the population at large, but it is invaluable to those whom it inherently belongs.
In hearing their stories, we begin to understand the experience, strength, and hope
That have distinguished a people's shape, depth, and direction.
These stories, if told truthfully, also hold answers and knowledge, that can serve as guideposts for the future."
-David Drake

 As I look towards the future of the Guild of Messengers, I find that I must also pause for a moment and reflect upon the past. To take a step back, look upon those who came before, along with those who are with us now. Since joining the Uru community, I have met so many of them. When I look over my thoughts of these myriad individuals, I see the true scope of the variety and complexity of these people.

 While trying to arrive at a starting point for a manuscript such as this one, I came to realize the enormity of the task I have set for myself. Which tales should I include? What words of mine could do justice to the contributions of my fellow Messengers? After much thought and deliberation over the last several weeks, I made my decision. Like with so many other stories, I find I must start first at the beginning, and not the end.

 The “current” Guild of Messengers, as it is known today, can trace its lineage back to the original 18 “major” Guilds of the D'ni. Although we have only vague stories of the lives of such personages as the Grand Masters Taeri, Hamil, or the Guild Master Tejara, other information is on much better footing. Thanks to the work of the Guild of Archivists1, “The Guild of Messengers was responsible for delivering letters, messages, parcels, and supplies throughout the whole of the D'ni empire.” They go to quote the DRC stating, “Messengers managed all communication, both government and civilian, specific to the city and to other Ages. All evidence points to the task as being a huge responsibility and one not easily accomplished.” In this spirit, the mandate of the “restored” Guild of Messengers from the DRC was as follows:

[I]n the future, we hope that the new Guild of Messengers will be able to organize communications for explorers and the DRC. We hope to create a system whereby the Guild can carry out announcements, news events, important messages, and the like for all of those who visit the cavern.

Eventually, through time, this mandate transformed into the guild's various catchphrases such as “Delivering Uru news to the community” and “See a need, fill a need”, to the ultimate mission statement of the guild as it operates today, “To support a corps of volunteer journalists disseminating information within the Uru/Myst community.”

But, who precisely are these people called “Messengers”? Who are these often unseen individuals who report, translate, and distribute the news to the community? What were their hopes, and what are their dreams? What job does each one do, and what special “touch” does each one bring to contribute for both the guild, and the community as a whole?

The initial founders of this “restored” Guild of Messengers were a brave trio of people: Andros, Lynnutte, and Shimmerillion. May others also contributed to the guild during its formative stages. In one forum post, it listed the GoMe roster at an astounding 35 “active” Messengers, Affiliates, and Liaisons. Although I will attempt to mention as many as possible, I may well miss a few. This is due to the passage of time, various website transitions, and certain documents no longer being available within the guild's archives. Still, I will do my utmost to mention all those who contributed in one form or another during the various "eras" of the guild, and add additional members as my research time permits. I hope that current Messengers will contribute quotations of personal stories with the various individuals into their respective entries, and also about themselves.


GoMe Contributors: Founding & Early Years

"Begin at the beginning," the King said, very gravely,
"and go on until you come to the end, then stop."

-Lewis Caroll

During this early period in GoMe's history, you must recall to mind a very important fact, there was only one "active" guild in existence. This was the Guild of Greeters which had received official endorsement from Cyan Worlds to assist new players within Uru. The other guilds as we know them today, simply did not exist. Further, If one looks over the chat logs within the various links below, you will notice many things we take for granted today, had yet to come into existence. The directory had so far not been created, the GoMe website & forums were mere ideas, and even something as simple as an in-cavern "Recurring Events" ki-mail listing was unavailable to the average explorer. If one wished to discover "what was going on" in the cavern community, the only answer was to "search around" the various websites. The process was tedious and initial founders of the guild sought to remedy this fact. Several issues hampered the founding of this new "restored" Guild of Messengers, however.

A major fear of players whom considered bonding together to create a Guild, is that Cyan would at some later point decide to go in a separate direction. Cyan announced the IC Guilds Project before they had created a storyline or any InGame tool, so the Explorers were left alone creating support groups for the various Guilds. Therefore, there was much hesitancy during this era as to the merits of taking the "risk" of working such a huge undertaking as to create a guild. There were, however, several "mock" guilds for lack of a better term. These were such groups as the Relayers/Moderators. Also, another point one should be reminded of, is that during this time, there were regular "Episodes" of activity in the cavern. This would include storyline development, an Age release, content development, or a new bit of lore added to Myst/Uru cannon. Things such as these are quite rare within the present day.

Depending on your point of view, it could be said some individuals attempted to create an overly complex structure in too soon a time. At the very least, such attempts seemed to breed needless hostility from the larger pre-existing "news" groups, and a sense of exclusion from the individual explorer. Much of this stemmed from a misperceived belief that those attempting to found the Guild of Messengers were out to "take over" the existing news organizations, or grab power over a section of Uru community. In reality, this was not the case. The initial earlier hopes for GoMe were much more benign, which I feel can be best "summed up" in three primary goals: 1) To create a group to provide information to explorers within the cavern. 2) To create a "centralized" location online for posting of news for  the Uru/Myst community. & 3) Provide a "safe haven" for communication between the various future guilds, news affiliates, and other groups. Surprisingly enough, this is very close to how GoMe now operates.

For the first goal Lynnutte, one of the founders of the Guild, was the leader of an earlier group called the Relayers. These individuals would pass information to the various hoods from locations where events were being held due to high explorer traffic. This was particularly important during the various "Episodes", such as periodic visits by the DRC or other storyline-related activities. A sub groups of the Relayers were called Moderators, who would help "Q" questions from various explorers to make interaction between the "story actors" and everyday explorer. A similar service provided by GoMe in the current era would be the hosting and moderating of the monthly All Guilds Meeting in Kirel the first Saturday of each month.

From such beginnings then sprang a new group into the cavern, called the "Cavern Criers". Comprised of various Relayers, the guild's founders, plus a handful of other interest explorers, this group was based upon the "town crier" concept. They would regularly call out news in one central location within Ae'gura, reminiscent of the "duty shifts" performed by the Greeters within the GoG hood. They would also pass out ki-mails, such as special "news reports" and a "recurring events" listing, which is still in circulation to this day. During this era, the Criers were primarily "affiliates" of the guild, with many members also being full Messengers. The group has now been almost entirely integrated into the guild membership, with little to no difference between the term Messenger and Crier.

As for the second and third of the guild's early goals, Shimmerillion began developing a "test" website for providing information to the community. Several community members stepped forward and provided associated domain names, which allowed the integration of redirects to one central site. From this seed, a news feed was ultimately assimilated into the website, while individual Messengers began collecting news postings from the various Uru/Myst-related websites and forums.

The Guild initially was intended to be an umbrella under which existing News organizations (the Cavern Communications Network, The Cavern Today, Uru Radio, Relayer Corps, Cavern Criers) could join and work together, so when the GoMe was founded these organizations were added as Affiliates. The Affiliates idea never really worked well in actually practice, for two main reasons: GoMe initially was too small to be able to form an effective alliance with them, plus the existing Affiliate groups still feared they could lose their identity to this fledgling guild. Therefore, they never really collaborated with the central management of GoMe to a great extent. In recent years, the Affiliates structure has became only a distant memory of older times as the various Affiliates have become inactive within the activities of the cavern and in the daily lives of the modern explorer of Ae'gura.

A good breaking point between this era and next with GoMe's history would be the "slow down" of Andros from the guild with the following quote:

Unfortunately, this is not a happy thread. In the last few weeks I've been wondering what to do regarding my involvement in MOUL, the GoMe and the CC. I still love what I'm doing for the Guild every single day...I'm sorry to do that but I know that is the right thing for me to do. I wish you good luck regarding the future of the GoMe and your projects.I'm looking forward to the day i'll come back into the GoMe fold when the good news will come.

Although still somewhat active after this point until mid-late 2010, this symbolic change portended many new developments not only within the guild, it structure and projects, but also MOUL itself. These will be highlighted in more detail within the next section.

Primary Source Materials:



Messengers of Note:

  • Shimmerillion/(Guild Founder): She was the guilds first webmistress, and for a while, was the guild's “man in Japan”, to coin a phrase.
    The whole point of the GoM, as I see it, is to facilitate the process of getting news to the everyday explorer.
    Shimmerillion also wrote:
    Let's create our own news! If Explorer Sue Ann is appointed leader of the Guild of Writers, isn't that just as important as Nick White getting a girlfriend? It's time to take hold of our world and help our users learn to value their input just as much as the tidbits of DRC updates. This will also help generate explorer interest between episodes. Yes, the official DRC news is always going to be on the front page, but we should have reporters hitting the beat every day.

     in my experience, the only way to retain volunteers is to keep them excited about what you're doing. And for that, you need a vision.
  • Andros/(Guild Founder): Known to some as Kalypso, but I am sorry to report, I can speak very little of with any direct firsthand knowledge. We have never met, but what I can tell of him/her, s/he was a very active recruiter for the guild, and also coordinated many of its operations as the fledgling organization developed.
    Andros wrote:
    In my mind the GoMe would only publish information that have been asked to be spread in the cavern. Nobody would steal stuff from the organisations. The same system would work for the explorers who want to annonce a public party. The GoMe would make sure the information reaches the largest number of people possible. However the GoMe would have no right to announce a party or a meeting that was not asked to be public. I really consider GoMe as a postal service right now. If you want to give us your letter the GoM, it will be in the system. But the GoMe will not force you to give them your letter.
    Andros on GoMe's "brand image" and recruiting wrote:
      I love branding and the Guild of Messengers brand was always my top priority when developping things. It improves our status in the community while it has to potential to attract people to become Messengers themselves. After all, if people don't know what Gome does (as it was obscure a couple of years ago), why would they want to join?
  • Lynnutte/(Guild Founder): During her tenure, she held several important positions from Guild Master, forum admin, liaison, and also founded the Cavern Criers1.
    Lynnutte wrote:
    I personally like the yellow shirt, yellow hat, yellow pants, and yellow shoes combination. But then I guess I like dressing like a giant banana.
    Lynnutte also wrote:
    Lack of man power definately seems to be a common theme with most groups right now. I thinki if explorers see that we (the news groups) can work together under the GOM umbrella while still keeping our individuality, that might be the wow factor we are looking. As far as I know, that hasn't been done in the cavern before. I know there have been concerns about groups loosing themselves in GOM as well as some groups having more power than others and excluded still other groups all together. With the way we are discussing ideas and options right now, I don't see that happening. I hope it stays that way.
  • Marten: Please see the next section, "Moments of Transition"
  • Narym:
    Narym on the topic of what an average explorer can do to help wrote:
    You don't have to be in cavern to help with the news. Depending on what medium you're working with, you need people to write articles or scripts, assemble audio or work with a layout, help with advertising, maintaining websites....There are plenty of things you can do that don't require you to be 'at the scene'!
  • Blutec: Initially a CavernCrier, she was the first assembler of the "Where R U Uru?" Newsletter and Newspaper.
  • BladeLakem:
    BladeLakem wrote:
    The Guild of Messengers could be an incredibly useful umbrella organization. Ultimately, it'll take several motivated people to do the legwork, organize and cat-herd. It'll be a thankless job for a while, but that is how this sort of thing works.
  • Veralun: Now a forum mod at the MOULa forums, was active in creating ideas with Shimmer in setting up the GoMe website.
    Veralun, regarding the GoMe website wrote:
    I could, yes, be persuaded to share it. In fact, I am happy to let people start to build something with it. I would like best if it were a collaborative effort with many hands contributing to the design and functioning of it. So that's why when you go to that link there isn't yet anything there. It is an empty slate, ready to be written on. Although I could do it myself, I would prefer we all join in so everyone feels they are a part of the building of what could become the Guild of Messengers site.

 1This last followed in the footsteps of work done in earlier times by non-Messengers, such as Lord Chaos.

GoMe Contributors: Moments of Transition

"I think I shall destroy the tablet, and this record of it as well.
History need never be troubled by such lies. Would that I were so lucky."

-Simon Ben-Yaakov

During this era, GoMe and other guilds developed much of their structure as each exists within the present day. Under the guidance of historian and Guild Advisor to the DRC named Reteltee, it was endorsed for 5 major guilds to be highlighted in Kirel. At this former headquarters of the DRC, tables would be set up to provide information on these five major guilds: Cartographers, Greeters, Messengers, Maintainers, and Writers. While these last two were of no surprise, some concern was raised by the substitution Cartographers for Surveyors. It should also be noted, while a fully functional and established Guid in their own right, the Guild of Greeters supplanted the place traditionally held by the Stone Masions in the historical major guilds of D'ni history. Still, in hindsight, this substitution does make logistical sense, assisting in the welcoming of new explorers to Ae'gura and quickly expanding general knowledge to visitors about the D'ni. Along this same vein, the Guild of Messengers during such times worked to expand communication between both explorers and the various groups, both on the surface and within the cavern.

To assist in these goals, discussions were undertaken to clarify role expectations, while also developing the guild's long-term goals, also to see results on the team's immediate and existing projects. Elections were held to help "legitimize" the guild leadership, and to help develop GoMe's internal structure for stability during this growth period. In addition to this, transparency to the cavern community was both encouraged and expected. The roster of active Messengers grew quite extensively, as is shown below in much greater detail. Sadly, as with all things there must a balance, after this growth spurt, unfortunate news brought with it a decline to the Guild. It was announced by GameTap and Cyan Worlds, that the DRC would be departing for the Surface, and access to the Cavern would be closed once more. Marten recalls the Guild of Messengers' reaction to the news.

Marten wrote:
A few days before the shutdown of MOUL, there was an in-cavern meeting I attended, and I'm not even sure I realized before attending that there was going to be an election held.  But with the prospect of no longer having cavern access before us, I somehow I ended up elected as the Grand Master.  At the time, I don't believe any of us really knew what the future would hold - we didn't know if there would be another Until Uru or something else to fill the void.

With their spirits quite low at this junction, where some might have given up in despair, others in the guild saw it as an opportunity to find a new purpose. Lynnette expressed this best, in her very passionate feelings about the Guild of Messengers and looming deadline of the cavern's closure.

Lynnutte wrote:
The GoMe *will not* go down without a fight! Even if I'm the last one standing! I have started a newsletter mailing list to keep everyone informed about future developments. We may be down...but we are *not* out!! The Relayers may no longer have a purpose, and the Cavern Criers may no longer have a place to pass out info, but *I still have a purpose*, and a venue to distribute information. I finally found a place I belong, a group of people I am proud to call my friends, and a purpose worthy of my time and effort! I will fight for it to the end! There were explorers before me who would not let the dream die, and I'm sure there will be others after me. But for now, I will do what I can to help keep the GoMe going, and worthy of the dream we all share!!!

From these words, the Guild of Messengers began working towards establishing continued communications between the various groups. To help legitimize their standing, elections were held and organized by the guild, with an independent community member overseeing the results. Cyan Worlds was also presented soon after with a formal letter concerning the official incorporation of the Guild of Messengers as an active group within the community at large. Where others may have seen an ending, instead the active members of the guild found a new purpose with which to move forward alongside Uru's next incarnation.

Furthering this goal, Sophia joined the Guild of Messenger's team as a consultant for the revamped and expanded GoMe website that one sees today. It includes the public forums, a discussion area for both GoMe members, the Liaisons & Affiliates, and Visitors sections. There is also a workspace for the Newsletter team, a centralized location for the Tutorial wikis, and also the group's Guildbooks. Additional space was also developed for the Guild's other projects, such as the Cavern Criers, and more importantly,

Originally, a private project of Marten's, due to his dislike of having to remember long web addresses, it has since expanded to be much more. With Gametap's announcement, and the cavern's subsequent closure, this tool became the perfect medium to assist in shoring up the cracking foundation of the Myst community. It provides use of shortened links, and a searchable directory of all things Myst & Uru related. Marten bequeathed this valuable piece of work to the Guild, making it a useful resource to the community via the Messengers.

As mentioned elsewhere, Andros returned to "light-duty" service about this time. Additionally, the GoMe team developed a newsletter to keep the community informed during this low point in the Uru saga. Theremin would eventually step up to replace Lynnutte as GoMe's Editor, expanding upon this basic concept, into a full magazine called "Go!" The tentative roots of lasting partnerships with other groups, such as Guild of Writers and OpenUru, also began to take shape. This can be exemplified in Leonardo joining the guild as a Liason to the Guild of Maintainers, and eventually becoming full Guild Master in his own right. More on all of this will be expanded upon in the next section.

In the meantime, to signify the closing of this era into the next, I must turn back towards Marten. Citing work and personal issues as the cause, this well liked Guild Master stepped down from his position towards the midpoint of the following year. Lynnutte was reinstated into the post, with Al'Keara taking over many of Marten's other duties. Still with us in the Present Day, having retreating back into the shadows of the GoMe hood, Marten has this to say of his time as GoMe's leader:

Marten wrote:
I had an idea in my mind of what the Guild of Messengers should be - something very idealized, a journalistic endeavor that would stay neutral of politics, spread truth rather than opinion, and collaborate with other existing media groups on joint ventures.  Again, I'll emphasize that this was the idealized vision, and something very difficult to actually achieve.  We weathered some political storms, but I think we came out of those generally no worse than we went in.

I encouraged as much of the guild business as possible to be made public, rather than kept private.  And I kept a record of lessons learned, also in public view.  It was never my goal to scold anyone for a problem that had arisen; I just wanted to find the proverbial silver lining in each new conflict that the guild experienced, a lesson for us all that would enrich all guild members in our roles both within and without the guild.

These are the things I'm pleased to say I accomplished during the time I was Grand Master for the guild.  I cannot say that I was the perfect person for the job, because I wasn't, but the Guild is still around today so I figure I can't have done too much damage with the mistakes I made.

As Marten still remains among the First, a nickname coined by current Messengers for those "retired" members that still assist and advise us on our ongoing projects, I suspect many of them would no doubt agree as to the truth of this statement.


GoMe Contributors: Institutional Regeneration

"The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills,
and we are only a single thread in the Pattern."

-Moiraine Damodred


As we approach closer to the modern day, this era signified a time of change and restructuring to create a new level of vitality in not only the guild, but the community as well. Many of the remaining "First Ones" from previous years took a step away from the active running of the guild. They have remained in the background mainly to advise the current generation of Messengers with their thoughts and opinions. Many active Messengers of this era overlap with those active in the here and now.

After Marten and associated Council members stepped down from their leadership positions, the Messengers thereafter elected a new Council. In consisted of Lynnutte as Grand Master, and Leonardo as Liaisons Chair and Narim as Affiliates Chair, among others. At this time the community was roughly falling asleep due to no news of developments on a project called More which was to revive Uru. On the Messengers side, Lynnutte was re-elected as GM due to an issue in the election process...Which should be noted, was simply because she was not present to say she did not desire to continue holding the position. These combination of factors determined the slow fall of the GoMe into sleep, with only Leonardo left to make Council's decisions. Eventually, the Newspaper production itself was stopped leaving the GoMe with only one basic service besides, the News Feed continuing to be faithfully managed by Szark.

The first signs of reawakening came when MO:ULa was started by Cyan. In the days preceding February the 10th, 2010, there had been rumors of things coming back to life. before this point, the Messengers had tried to keep the sleeping and distant community informed through the Newsletter subscriptions. Finally, with high spirits and much rejoicing, Lynnutte was able to send out the happy newsletter to all the subscribers.

From there as mentioned elsewhere, many things began to occur starting from the return of Andros who helped in bringing the Guild back to life, mainly by recruiting new members. The Newspaper project was also revamped, and soon transformed in the Magazine with Theremin overseeing the helm. A new guild structure was studied by Leonardo and new elections were held with the guild's first duet of Guild Masters, having Leonardo and Theremin serving as the Guild Council.

During this time, the affiliate group known as the Cavern Criers were also revived as a fully integrated part of the Guild and its services. By this era, the term Messenger and Crier is almost entirely synonymous. The only major distinction which could possibly be made is how often an individual Messenger was seen within the cavern, and their activities while there. Those individuals who are working in the cavern as Criers will usually be performing a "circuit" of the city plaza and more populated hoods to distribute ki-mails, operating as the cavern's "postal service". Messengers on the other hand, will only be present to assist with a specific project or event, or for social activities. Still, as I have stated, the distinction is largely academic, as almost every Messenger carries all of the guild's available ki-mails, and all the current Cavern Criers are also full Messengers with other duties within the guild.

Of the guild's activities during this time, another of major importance would be the creation of the All Guilds Meeting and Fair. The Fair event was initially started by Marcus Wheeler, an enthusiast Maintainer, who was quickly supported by Leonardo who brought back to life the All Guilds Meeting. This meeting was previously held in MO:UL by interest explorers, personal memories indicate it was probably Montgomery alongside Mustard Jeep. Slowly, month by month, the Fair became more empty, but at the time of the All Guilds Meeting people linked in, flooding the Kirel Neighborhood for this monthly news event.

At the end of their 6-month terms, the Messengers held another election, and Theremin was replaced by Lunanne as the Guild Masters overseeing the GoMe team, with Leo remaining in his position. After some time, due to time issues with Theremin, she also became Chief-Editor of the Magazine, changing its name from "Go!" to "The Cavern Post". The Messengers activities became stable. There was a slowdown, however, in some departments, such as the Cavern Criers due to the sad disappearance of their coordinator, Irissa.  Still, through GoMe's member's dedication and constant activity within the cavern, the guild started to actually gain both respect and dignity in community's eyes, it's services holding value down to modern times. The budding valuable relationships between many groups, among which were the Guild of Writers and eventually, finally blossomed into full alliances allowing the guild to expand its resources for more complex projects.

All of these developments went on peacefully, until in November 2011 when Cyan Worlds made a concerning announcement. The counts on the fund that sustained MOULa has always been wrong and the actual funding situation was quite bad. In reality, the DRC funds to keep the cavern open were actually at CAVCON 2, instead of the believed 4. Many discussions were started on the MOULa forums on how to raise more funds for continuing the Restoration. One explorer, Ghalen of the Guild of Healers, finally contacted the guild leadership to propose to distribute a CAVCON informative KIMail with the Cavern Criers. When the matter was brought on the GoMe Forums, Messenger and GoW member Kaelis Ebonrai came up with the idea of a big party. Everyone liked the idea, after all the Myst Community is famous for organizing wonderful parties even in extreme situations. So it was decided: a day-long party would have been organized for raising explorer's attention on the funding problem.

In only one week, Leonardo PMed all the high-profile D'niJs for the Myst Community to invite each of them to reserve several hours for their music shows during the over 24-hours of festivities. So it was born the CAVCON Awareness Party. This event, the first one organized by the Guild of Messengers, had been a complete and huge success. It counted a big attendance of explorers both new and old. The guild's collaboration with the H'Uru group with a Link Bot and special in-game Illusions, and the support of important D'niJs such as Ktahdn (Lord Chaos), Donahoo, Dichromus, and many other members of the Cavern community, signaled the complete success of bringing the CAVCON back to level 4. This party unknowingly started a tradition of many other "CAVCON parties" organized by other explorers down through the years, such as the Anniversary Party from the Guild of Healers. It is hoped the CAVCON awareness event will become a yearly tradition to the community, bringing explorers back into the cavern who might not visit the cavern often, but still feel the city of Ae'gura as one of the places they proudly call their home.

During all this, the guild also "regularly" produced a newsletter lead by Luna, with assistance from Polgara as copy-editor of the publication. Assisted by various other guild members as they had time available, these updates worked to keep explorers unable to visit the cavern on a more regular basis on the happenings within the Uru/Myst community. These contributors were further assisted by the Messengers who worked within the guild as translators and liaisons to the various non-english speaking groups, furthering the spirit of a diverse but inclusive community to all explorers to visit Ae'gura.

Sadly, these good times could not last forever, and many of the active members of the Guild were startled by the following announcement from the Guild Council:

Leonardo wrote:
Every once in a while the Guild of Messengers generates News instead of just reporting about them. This time it may be a shocking one for some of you. Luna(nne) and I have decided to resign from our positions of Guild Masters for the GoMe.

Unlike what happened in the past for other Guild Masters in other Guilds, our action is not the result of arguments or fights, we are not leaving out of anger or delusion. We are leaving in a peaceful way, we have had a good time as GMs of the Guild and we have happy memories about it. But time has come for us to step back and retire in the shadows of the virtual printing office.

Recently we have felt that we were no longer able to give the right energy to our Guild and we were becoming a weight that was slowing down all the activities and was compromising the possibilities for the future of the GoMe. So, unlike some other GMs, we are choosing to give the opportunity to someone else to use their personal approach to shape the GoMe and give it new energy, before our inactivity starts to be too heavy and bring the rest of the Guild to a dormant state.

Being GMs of the GoMe is sometimes a thankless job that can easily burn up your enthusiasm, for this the Guild of Messengers needs new blood and new energy; we give space to the new generation of Explorers to bring in their ideas. We will not disappear completely though, we are not leaving the Guild or leaving the community. We will still be Messengers and we will keep spreading news to the Uru world.

The role of the Messenger sometimes is unnoticed by its users, so on this occasion, we would like to thank all the Messengers for doing their job. From the Newspaper Team which has always a heavy duty of putting together articles in these times of lack of real news; to the Translators that diligently and silently translate every News article for the Explorers of their language; to the Cavern Criers that go around the Cavern with their KiMails; to all those who visit the forums and collect News and Events to publish on our home page and Calendar. All your actions and dedication have not gone unnoticed.

We don't know the names of the next Guild Masters, yet. The election process starts now on our Forums, in the Guild Business section where all of you will be able to watch the things evolve as they happen. We will make another announcement when we have the final names, you can be sure.

Thanking all of you for supporting us, for participating in our events and for reading our News.

-Leonardo & Luna(nne)

Soon after this point, several Messengers were nominated to step into the now vacant GM positions. After some discussion, a consensus was reached, with Lyrositor and Doobes elected to these posts. Be aware, much like Marten before them, both Luna and Leonardo are still available for the occasional assistance to GoMe's projects. Further, this change in leadership moves us towards the next era of GoMe's history, which will be explored more fully in the next section.


GoMe Contributors: The Present Day...

"As they say the temporal mechanics department,
there's no time quite like the present."

-Rear Admiral Katheryn Janeway

The momentum generated by the Cavcon party lead to the fruition of many projects that began previously to this event. The Messengers have become an often felt, but not always seen part of the cavern community. GoMe also resumed the production of a "regular" newsletter for the cavern, which was eventually transformed in a fully digital version.

Its various members have also been working towards ever closer involvement with other community groups. If not for the actions of the guild's membership and involved citizens from the cavern community, it is unlikely a "present day" for me to write about would have ever come into being. At the least, the involvement of those Messengers who joined after this point, is seriously doubtful. The renewed spirit of cooperation between the various "Open Uru" groups might also not exist.

Funding for Moula has also become a major issue, with near-constant attempts to cut expenses, to maximize explorer donations. It is strongly believed by the community that if the cavern ever closes again, it will be for the final time. In this era, with its lack of additional content or storyline, helping with in-cavern events seem to be the major motivational point now for the eliciting donations from the cavern's remaining explorers. At the time, this area seemed it would likely remain a focus area for the Guild as it moved towards the future.

Towards this end, the Guild lead by Lyrositor and Doobes during this era, worked to develop improved tools to assist in making Messenger duties both less tedious, and also more efficient. Taken from Garasheen, Ly installed into a Maintainer suit, a “Bot” capable of many “virtual” tasks previously performed only by an “in-person” Messenger. While not the first of it's kind, it was quite advanced compared to many earlier models previously seen within the cavern. Able to distribute ki-mails, remaining connected to the Ki-lattice at all times, and even able to converse to a limited extent. Lyrobot could often be seen accompanying the various Messengers as their duties took them on explorations beyond Ae'gura. Lastly, Ly also made improvements to the Ki-devices utilized GoMe and it's membership, details of which can be found elsewhere, as to not bore the reader with such technical details.

In contrast, Doobes began moderating the monthly All Guilds Meeting in Kirel, while also beginning restoration work of a meeting space discovered within the Mount, overlooking the City itself. While mainly utilized for hosting private events, the Guild hopes to someday have this area opened to all explorers of the cavern. In contrast to the very austere Guild of Messengers “Pub” mainly utilized for posting public notices, the “Tavern” is a much more inviting location. It features a bar, tables for socializing, a conference room, plus storage space for food, non-alcoholic drinks, and other supplies. Doobes and other Messengers have also added various personalized “touches”, such as public notice boards, customized lighting, and a plaque dedicated to the Guilds past leadership.

Sadly, with the loss Lyrobot under obscure circumstances, and the wiping of the server of the Ki-lattice, a subsequent event which came to be known as the “Great Crash”, Lyro declared it was time for his “retirement”. He revealed his intentions to return to the surface, and head to Europe to seek an advanced degree. Prompted by his counterpart's resignation, Doobes announced he would also “step-back” from active leadership in the guild. This was due to his shift in focus to restoration work of various locations alongside other groups within the Myst/Uru community.

Discussions were subsequently held, concerning both the vacant Guild Master positions, and after-effects of the vault wiping of the Ki. This event left many explorers from various parts of the world stranded upon the Surface, with non-functional Ki-devices, unable to return to the Cavern except through the “overland” route of Decent to retrieve a new device. This included many formerly “active” Messengers.

A consensus was reached, at the prospect of diminished activity within the Cavern, only a single Guild Master would be required until restoration work resumed in earnest at some unspecified point within the future. Korov'ev, the Italian translator who replaced Leonardo and also liaison to the Guild of Linguists, was put forward by Ly as his replacement, which was quickly seconded. No objections were raised, with Kor taking over moderation duties at the AGM and with Doobes remaining to act as his “second”, much as White had done in times past for Leo.

A “skeleton-crew” of Messengers would remain to assist explorers in the cavern as the ebb and flow of visitors to the Ae'gura might require, such as Nev'yn and Tai'lahr. This has remained the “status-quo” for the last several years, although there has been recent rumblings on the desire to resume restoration work within the Deep City by various concerned groups on the horizon. It is unknown at this time what effects this renewed interest might signal for both the Guild of Messengers itself and to the greater community at large.


GoMe Contributors: ...And Into the Future




"There was nothing dramatic or startling about his disappearance.
He departed from the library in the same calm,
measured way in which he did everything in his life.
He said nothing and did nothing to indicate any change was at hand...And yet, that was the last I saw of him."

-Bertrem, the Aestheic

As I look back over the words that have been written, I discover there is so much more I could comment upon. Another Messenger to mention, a small detail to add, and so on...To the point of which this manuscript's completion would be delayed, yet again. As tempting as such a course would be, it is one I cannot allow myself to embark upon.

The bedrock of support to which the Archive of the Guild of Messengers rests has become unstable, and cannot be expected to endlessly endure, likely to collapse within the next month or so. I am therefore endeavoring to move as many books, records, artifacts, and other items of value to various alternate locations as possible, both within the cavern and to the surface. Sadly, there is just not enough time to preserve it all.

Compounding these issues are the loss of my familiar, along with the passing of another Messenger whom had been a member since the Guild's very foundation. These things weigh very heavily upon me. And thus, I find that on this topic, I may finally put down my pen and let it rest. Perhaps some unknown future explorers will take up this work, and chronicle the next generation of the Guild of Messengers, its membership, and their dedicated service to the community. With this thought in mind, I find I have one last duty to complete.

I cannot say that we are at all times peerless at our jobs, or that we always perform them perfectly. But, we are a dedicated and committed team of volunteers attempting to do the best we can with the limited resources at our disposal. We sought to make the darkest nights of the Cavern a bit brighter because we have lived in it.

And so, to my friends and fellow members of the Guild of Messengers, wherever you may reside, and whenever you may have come to join our ranks...whether it be in the current era, within the past, and onwards at some point into the future...I salute you!

Chev ah shem, gah lenahtee gitsah.

-Nev'yn, Guild Archivist
29th of Leevofo
9675 D'ni Era
Kings Calendar

GoMe Contributors: Special Thanks, Endnotes, & Bibliography




“Dust as we are, the immortal spirit grows
Like harmony in music; there is a dark
Inscrutable workmanship that reconciles
Discordant elements, makes them cling together
In one society.”
— William Wordsworth


The Guild of Messengers owe thanks to many others within the community for their time and support. These individuals and their associated groups, while not Messengers helped foster the creation of the guild, its ideals, and providing the tools to allow us to continue our work.

Hoikas, Deledrius, and others of the Guild of Writers for the creation of WhoM, Kormon, and working with the various Guild Masters of GoMe over the years to grant us upgraded Ki-devices, technical help at events, and assisting in opening new cavern locations for us to explore.

Lord Chaos and the various members of Guild of Greeters for providing an example of service for the Cavern Criers to follow and expand upon.

Ghaelen for hosting several early discussions of the founding of GoMe and the Guild of Healers for their support of so many community events.

To Tor'i, Chogan, and other Cyanists for overseeing the community and in helping it to still move forward after all this time...While not a focus for the company, they at least acknowledge and respect how meaningful the series has been to so many people around the globe.

Lastly, thanks for the individuals of groups such as Alahmnat within Guild of Archivists, Kerryth in the Guild of Maintainers, Nalates of the Guild of Cartographers, and various members of OpenUru for their history of service to the community.

While someone might not be mentioned individually above, it is not from their efforts or contribution not having merit...But for my own poor ability to recall all the details of so many people after all these years. Again, our thanks for everyone who still helps in keeping the spirit of the Myst/Uru universe alive to evolve and expand into the next chapter of its dynamic story.

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Our News here are done exactly for that! Importing to other websites or to your favourite RSS Feed reader.

To import our news to your website you will need to write a script that reads our Feed and shows it on your website. But there is some good news, we wrote that piece of code for you!

This is a simple RSS Feed Importer wrote in PHP. It doesn't need any database, just write access to a folder to keep a cache of the news. All the other instructions are found inside the Zip archive. We hope this little tool will help you use our Feed and spread our services in all the Uru Websites.

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